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A warm welcome and Salam to AniMobilis Egypt 



Animal physiotherapy – what is it?

To put it simply: animal physiotherapy is physical therapy for animals. It is the targeted treatment of physiological function, movement and / or activity restrictions.

My treatment is specially adapted to the patient's circumstances, possibly supplemented by physical therapy (e.g. massage, heat, cold). It is based on the natural, physiological reaction of the organism.

The aim of animal physiotherapy is to help achieve or maintain the best possible quality of life.

The focus is on preventing malfunctions and on eliminating or minimizing them.



Animal osteotherapists have a finely trained sense of touch. This enables me to work on many levels of physical functions at the same time, and in doing so bring about a deeper understanding of illness and health.

In his examination, diagnosis and treatment, the osteotherapist not only takes into account the directly affected structure, but also treats ALL tissues and structures that may be additionally affected.



By definition, chiropractic is a "method of treatment aimed at finding and eliminating dysfunction in those parts of the body that are used to move and support the body, especially the spine."

With the help of special hand movements, I try to remove joint blockages - which are usually associated with muscle tension and pain. Any pressure on nerve tracts should also be reduced and, ultimately, the body's self-healing powers activated.


Further I am offering:

  • Acupuncture and DryNeedling
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Laser-Therapy
  • Therapy-Plan for the owner for the time during my absence


You can reach me on my mobile +20 106 4261865

or write me WhatsApp +20 106 4261865 or +49 170 4927392


Looking forward to seeing you and your animal <3




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